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RE: st: RE: gr bar for string variable

From   David Radwin <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: RE: gr bar for string variable
Date   Fri, 4 Apr 2008 15:00:07 -0700

Stata's graphing capability is very powerful in part because it has many user-defined settings, but it is often difficult to remember the syntax if you don't use it every day. One way around this is to start with the -Graphics- dialog box, create some graphs that test out different settings, then paste the output from the -Results- screen into the do-file editor and further tinker with the settings.

Also, I agree with Nick Cox's suggestion of perusing the Stata Journal archives online, and I would particularly recommend his article cited below.

Nicholas J. Cox, 2004. "Speaking Stata: Graphing categorical and compositional data," Stata Journal, StataCorp LP, vol. 4(2), pages 190-213, June.


At 11:14 PM +0000 4/3/08, b. water wrote:

on a separate note, i wonder whether frequent (or perhaps fluent or tutors of) stata graphic's users has any tips to share on how to they learnt/mastered stata graphical functions. i use [G] & michael mitchell's A Visual Guide to Stata Graphics to help me built the desired graphs. yet in spite of these, still found myself seeking advice/help.
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