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Re: st: mlogit

From   Partha Deb <>
Subject   Re: st: mlogit
Date   Thu, 03 Apr 2008 12:49:12 -0400

You want to use -clogit- . See the Auto choice example for a model with alternative specific and individual specific characteristics.



Stella Capuano wrote:

I would like to estimate a multinomial logit model with both alternative
specific characteristics and individual specific characteristics. Is it
possible to estimate this kind of model with the mlogit command? Or does
this command estimate models with only individual specific characteristics
as independent variables? If mlogit is not suitable, is there another way
to estimate that kind of model in STATA?

Stella Capuano
c/o Collegio Carlo Alberto
Via Real Collegio, 30
Moncalieri (TO)

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