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st: RE: differential classification table with multiple variables

From   "Pruitt, Sandi L" <>
Subject   st: RE: differential classification table with multiple variables
Date   Tue, 1 Apr 2008 14:10:57 -0500

Can you please post another question for me to statalist? 
I have multiple (n=15) categorical variables (in quartiles) that I think represent different aspects of the same construct. I am interested in putting together a differential classification table to explore whether these variables actually classify people into different groups.  
I don't have any theoretical reason with which to select a smaller subset of measures and I don't yet want to do a principal components analysis. I've also already looked at correlations between these variables. Basically, I'm looking for some way that I can perform an "ocular test"--to see for myself how people are classified into these groups.
I have two questions: 
1. Is there a simple program or code I can use to make such a table or otherwise display this data?  (I tried bigtab but it only allows for inclusion of 3 variables.)
2. Or, alternatively, is there another method which which to explore the possibility of differnetial classification?
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