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st: SJ articles now available on line

From (William Gould, StataCorp LP)
Subject   st: SJ articles now available on line
Date   Wed, 12 Mar 2008 12:15:26 -0500

Stata Journal articles now available on line

   Not quite a month ago, there was the suggestion that Stata Journal 
   articles be made electronically available, and that a moving wall
   be established before which the articles would be free.

   On 14feb2008, I wrote, "I agree."

   Today it's all been implemented and is on-line.  Point your browser to

   All Stata Journal articles -- over 300 -- are available.  This 
   includes reviewed articles and columns, such as Nick Cox's Speaking 
   Stata and, er, my Mata Matters.  Articles and columns more than 3
   years old are available for free.  More recent articles are priced
   at $7.50 each.

   All articles are delivered in PDF form.

   There's a search engine, too.  You may search by keyword, author, or

STB available, too

   The Stata Technical Bulletin (STB), the predecessor of the Stata 
   Journal, is available, too.  Prior issues are free.  See

-- Bill
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