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st: loop 2+ not calculating

From   "William Bishop" <>
Subject   st: loop 2+ not calculating
Date   Mon, 18 Feb 2008 17:59:29 -0800

I'm trying to create a median for the previous observations (not
including the current observation) by company .  The code below works
for the first loop (company 1) but after that it just has missing
values for the median.  I don't understand why.  Any ideas on what I'm
doing wrong.

webuse grunfeld, clear
su time, meanonly
loc Max=r(max)
levelsof com, local(is)
g mdn=.
foreach i of local is {
 forval t = 2/`Max' {
 egen temp=median(kst) if com==`i'&time<`t'
 qui replace mdn=temp[`t'-1] if com==`i'&time==`t'
 drop temp

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