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Re: st: File not a Stata .gph file

From   "Sergiy Radyakin" <>
Subject   Re: st: File not a Stata .gph file
Date   Thu, 14 Feb 2008 19:13:17 -0500

Hello Davide,

1) can you post the original command which builds the graph in the first place?
2) is any of the "older" graphs similar/exactly same as the one that
stopped working?
3) can you kick out observations from your data and see if save/use
starts working at some point? if it does not and the number of obs is
low enough may be you could post the data as well?
4) try to trace graph use, and see where it breaks down.
5) try to open your gph file on another computer/platform. If it opens
-- then there is something wrong with graph use on your machine, if
not - there is smth wrong with graph save. Can you post the gph file?
6) rcap works fine on Stata / Windows 9.2:

twoway rcap  length  weight  price
graph save "X:\untitled.gph", replace
graph use X:\untitled.gph

Best regards, Sergiy

On 2/14/08, Davide Cantoni <> wrote:
> Hello, I am having a problem in creating a twoway (rcap + scatter)
> graph. I create the graph and save it as a .gph (Stata executes the
> command without any error messages); then, when I try to reopen it,
> Stata (Intercooled Stata 9.2 for Mac) says:
> . graph use "/consbought_sum_panel_nnmatch.gph"
> file not a Stata .gph file
> r(610);
> Again, when I had saved the graph in the first place, Stata gave no
> error messages. I tried to check the following:
> - saving with "asis" option: same problem.
> - other, older graphs I saved previously are fine and can be opened
> - I copied and pasted the relevant variables into a new dataset, and
> created/saved the graph out of that: same problem.
> - I ran one of the examples (about twoway rcap) in the help files,
> saved it as .gph, reopened: worked fine.
> Is anyone aware of what might cause such an error?
> Thanks for your suggestions,
> Davide
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