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st: histogram height as avg of another variable

From   "Prashant Loyalka" <>
Subject   st: histogram height as avg of another variable
Date   Wed, 13 Feb 2008 15:19:11 +0800


I would like to create histogram(-type) graphs where the baseline axis is
one variable (say x) and the height of each bin is an average of another
variable (say y). The average of the y variable is based on the observation
points within the bin as decided by a set binwidth along x. I would also like
to be able to adjust the bindwidth size (a constant bindwidth size,
i.e.) and the starting point of the bins along the x axis--also so
that each bin can be centered around the midpoint of the binwidth.

Does Stata have this capability? If so, under what commands?

If not, could someone offer some guidance about how to program this?

Thank you!
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