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st: RE: working with large datasets

From   "Kriechel Ben (ROA)" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: working with large datasets
Date   Tue, 12 Feb 2008 16:04:12 +0100


Given that you specified that the large data-set is in text format, it
implies that you probably have to read it in and transfer it to STATA
format. Once it is in that format, you can use the trick with opening
just a few variables, or the first 100 observations of the data-set, or
opening given a condition. 

In order to translate it, you will, however have to cut the text-file
into pieces that make it easier to use translate it. In order to give
tips on how to approach it, you would need to explain what the text-file
looks like, and where your specific problem lies. In principle this
transformation of a text file to a data-set is well explained in the
handbooks of STATA (E.g., Chapter 21 of the user's guide). 

--- Ben 


Ben Kriechel

Research Centre for Education
and the Labour Market

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Subject: st: working with large datasets


Do you guys know how I can work with a very large dataset (30 Gb) in
Stata? The dataset is in a text format, and I'd like to know:

1. How I can extract a few variables or delete observations that don't
meet certain criteria; and

2. if it's possible to work with the entire dataset in Stata.

Thank you very much in advance!

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