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RE: st: RE: TextEditor Automation

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: RE: TextEditor Automation
Date   Sun, 3 Feb 2008 18:38:41 -0000

Nick -> Nick: But _maximized_? 

Nick Winter

I use the following program to automate opening up my editor (TextPad) 
with a specified file to edit. Presumably code from this could be 
modified to simply open up the editor automatically.

This program lets me type "tp myfile.ado" to open up -myfile.ado- in the

editor.  The -findfile- line means that I can load up an ado file even 
if I'm not in its directory, as long as its along the ado path.

--Nick Winter

program tp
         version 9.1
         qui findfile `1'
         local fn `r(fn)'
         local fn : subinstr local fn "/" "\" , all
         winexec "c:\program files\textpad 4\textpad.exe" "`r(fn)'"

> Martin Weiss
> I was wondering whether it is possible to have the open
> favorite texteditor in a maximized window automatically. 
> gives advice on
> to
> handle editors to edit do-files. I cannot find a section on passing
> command
> line arguments to the winexec command to have it open the editor
> maximized,
> though. Any ideas?

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