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st: -vlc- and -ddf2dct- on SSC

From   "Austin Nichols" <>
Subject   st: -vlc- and -ddf2dct- on SSC
Date   Sat, 2 Feb 2008 23:23:44 -0500

Dear Stata users,

Thanks to Kit Baum, the commands -vlc- and -ddf2dct- are now available
from the SSC archive.  The program -vlc- compares value labels across
datafiles.  The program -ddf2dct- converts Data Definition Files
shipped with come US gov't data, e.g. the Current Population Survey,
into Stata-format dictionary and do files.

Comments are welcome; examples using DDF files from
describing the Current Population Survey and the Survey of Income and
Program Participation are in the help file.  Following the examples,
users can check changes in the coding of survey questions or naming of
variables across survey years without ever loading the data.

To install, type
 ssc inst vlc
 ssc inst ddf2dct
in web-aware Stata.
*   For searches and help try:

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