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st: How to run a program with ! / winexec minimized

From   Roy Wada <>
To   <>
Subject   st: How to run a program with ! / winexec minimized
Date   Fri, 30 Nov 2007 17:25:07 -0800

I depends on what you mean by "parameters" and how you are
implementing them. A parameter is any value passed into a batch
script. -shellout- will work with parameters in the following examples
(assuming you have Stata SE):

. shellout wsestata.exe shellout wsestata.exe shellout wsestata.exe
. shellout wsestata di "Bite Me"
. shellout notepad "Bite Me"

The first line will open three Stata executables.
The second line will open a Stata executable with a "Bite Me" message.
The third line will open a (new) notepad file called "Bite Me".

For -shellout- to work, parameters need to be entered correctly.
It will not work if the entered command does not work with DOS. I don't
know a case where "<" is a part of DOS cmd. If "<" is itself a parameter,
then it must be enclosed in parenthesis.

You obviously need to provide a DETAILED EXAMPLE of cmd that can be
replicated on a regular PC. A generic example like the one you have
provided is singularly unhelpful.



> Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 01:34:44 -0200 (BRT)
> From:
> Subject: st: How to run a program with ! / winexec minimized
> Thx, Kieran and Roy for your comments.
> shellout seems to be a nice solution. however, it does not accept a file
> containing paremeters to run the executable. For instance,
> shellout program.exe < parameters.txt
> is there any solution to this problem, Roy?
> thx again.
> Tiago

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