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st: Problem with ytitles for axis(2) when creating by-graphs

From   "David Elliott" <>
Subject   st: Problem with ytitles for axis(2) when creating by-graphs
Date   Fri, 16 Nov 2007 16:59:49 -0400

I'm trying to place a title on yaxis(2) of a bygraph.

The following dofile will illustrate:

capture preserve // so we don't ruin your life's work

sysuse auto, clear
lab val rep
collapse (mean) mpg weight, by(rep for)
tw (line mpg rep,yaxis(1)) ///
  ( line weight rep, yaxis(2)  ), ///
  by(for)  ytitle("mpg",axis(1))  ytitle("weight",axis(2)) name(a1, replace)
* mpg on yaxis(1) is labelled yaxis(2) is not

*alternatively one can put the ytitles as individual plot options
tw (line mpg rep,yaxis(1) ytitle("mpg",axis(1))) ///
  ( line weight rep, yaxis(2)  ytitle("weight",axis(2))  ), ///
  by(for) name(a2, replace)
* plot is no different from previous

tw (line mpg rep,yaxis(1)) ///
  ( line weight rep, yaxis(2)  ), ///
  by(for, iytitle)  ytitle("mpg",axis(1))  ytitle("weight",axis(2)) name(b)
*adding by()'s iytitle option gives yaxis(2) title, but yaxis(1) is doubled

capture restore

I have attempted various workarounds without success. I want the
clutter reduction I can get through using by() as opposed to
generating individual graphs and using -graph combine-.  I realize
also that I could add the titles as a second step using -graph combine
Graph, l1title("mpg") r1title("weight")- but that is a real hack.

My feeling at this point is that the bygraph option to twoway is
misbehaving in the presence of an axis(2).

Has anyone else had this experience and developed a workaround?  And
Stata folks, if you can duplicate the above, is this the desired
behavior or a bug?


David Elliott
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