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RE: st: RE: graph plot region size control

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: RE: graph plot region size control
Date   Wed, 7 Nov 2007 21:29:24 -0000

I don't think your conclusion follows at all. 

An earlier thread advised 

Stata's version of the _categorical imperative_, although
not as catchy as that formulated by Immanuel Kant, applies
here. Otherwise known as Wiggins' Third Law, it states

"If the going gets tough with a categorical graph,
start [all] over [again] with -twoway-."

So, can you rewrite your problem in terms of -twoway rbar- etc.? 


Laura Gibbons

Unfortunately my graphs are more complicated than the bar graphs in the 
original post, so by() isn't an alternative.  But if I could control the

size of the plot region, I'd be home.  It looks like I need to settle
uneven plot region sizes or use a different graphing program, and
option is appealing.  Oh well, thanks for the reply!  Laura

On Mon, 5 Nov 2007, Nick Cox wrote:

> As the old joke has it, "Don't do that, then!"
> Seriously, let -graph- do the hard work for you. Go
> back to the data and let the division into two graphs
> be represented by a variable which you use in a -by()- option.
> Nick
> Laura Gibbons
> I have a similar problem to the one below:
> On Wed, 10 Dec 2003 12:14:29 +0100 Ulrich Kohler <>
> wrote:
>> I have two graphs, produced with -graph hbar- and want to combine
>> them underneath each other in one single graph.
>> What I want to have is [to have the y axes line up visually]
>> However, since the labels of the second graph are much shorter than
>> those of the first, I end up with a picture like this:
>>                  +-----------------------------------+
>>          Romania |###################                |
> ...
>>   United Kingdom |##                                 |
>>                  +-----------------------------------+
>>            +-----------------------------------------+
>>         EU |##                                       |
> ...
>>         CC |#######                                  |
>>            +-----------------------------------------+
>> Unfortunately I couldn't found a way to control the starting
> coordinate
>> of the numerical y-axis in the graph-region
> I agree.  I have reported this problem to Statacorp.  The plotting
> region is determined by the shape and size of labels in the
> graph region.  Just fixing the format of labels does not correct this,
> since the label mechanism determines the length according to the value
> and then draws it left-justified.
> --(rest of post deleted)--
> I, too, had tried reformatting the labels, without success.
> I tried setting the same aspect in the graphs, and same xsize and
> but the plot regions still varied in size.

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