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st: Estimates save and lincom - Stata10

From   Spörri-Fahrni Adrian <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Estimates save and lincom - Stata10
Date   Wed, 7 Nov 2007 10:34:37 +0100

Dear statalisters
Estimate save is a great command when your regressions run for a long time and you want to do some post estimations later on. Often I use lincom after an estimation command. However, it doesn't work properly after estimates use...

Here's an example:

version 10
use, clear
logistic c_use urban age child* 
estimates save bangla1 , replace

logistic c_use urban age 
estimates save bangla2 , replace

clear all

estimates use bangla1
estimates store bangla1
estimates use bangla2
estimates store bangla2

* the likelihood-ratio test works fine:
lrtest bangla1 bangla2

* but the lincom does not work (if the original dataset is not loaded):
lincom urban+age, eform

* a workaround is to create two empty variables:
gen urban=.
gen age=.
lincom urban+age, eform

Is there another way of using lincom after estimates use - without creating empty variables or loading the data?


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