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Re: st: misaligned labels when spanning multiple lines

From (Vince Wiggins, StataCorp)
Subject   Re: st: misaligned labels when spanning multiple lines
Date   Fri, 02 Nov 2007 09:28:52 -0500

Maarten buis <> reports,

> I came across some curious behaviour when I wanted to let some
> labels on the y-axis span two lines using the -lean1- scheme: Those
> labels that spanned a single line and where specified after the
> "double line label" where alligned above the tick mark, instead of
> centering on the tick mark. This was solved by specifying all double
> line labels at the end. This is probably clearer when looking at the
> results from the example below.

> *--------------- begin example ---------
> sysuse auto
> twoway scatter rep78 mpg,      ///
>      name(misaligned, replace) /// 
>      ylab(1 `""very" "bad""'   ///
>           2 "bad"              ///
>           3 "ok"               ///
>           4 "good"             ///
>           5 `""very" "good""') 
> twoway scatter rep78 mpg,      ///
>      name(aligned, replace)    /// 
>      ylab(2 "bad"              ///
>           3 "ok"               ///
>           4 "good"             ///
>           1 `""very" "bad""'   ///
>           5 `""very" "good""') 
> *---------- end example --------------

This inconsistent behaviour shows up in the lean1 scheme because that scheme
uses horizontal y-axis labels.  After a bit of exploring, we have found that
it will happen any time the y-axis labels are horizontal, whether that is
designated by the scheme or by the -angle()- suboption of the -ylabel()-

Note that the problem occurs only when some labels are multi-line while others
are not and when the y-axis labels are specified to be horizontal.  It will
also occur when mixing multi- and single-line labels on an x-axis if the labels
are vertical, though you are much less likely to want vertical labels on an

We will make this consistent so that the labels are always aligned with the
ticks in a future update.  Until then, Maarten has provided an easy

-- Vince

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