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st: Gen & replace

From   "Ziad El-Khatib" <>
Subject   st: Gen & replace
Date   Thu, 1 Nov 2007 15:19:26 -0700

Dear STATA lister
it might be simple question, but spent sometimes on it so far.
I want to calculate sum of missed pills on 3 out of 5 drugs (drug1,
Main drugs are drug1 and drug2, and the combination is either:
adherence level of:
drug1 + any 2 out of drug3,4,5
drug2 ?  any 2 out of drug3,4,5

All of these drugs have value 0 when they were not used.

i thought first to add them by typing
gen drugsum = drug1+drug2+drug3+drug+4drug5
I assume i will get total sum, but when i do ratio, STATA count with
patients with dug value 0.

Any tips how to exclude counting patients with drug value = 0?

Thank you in advance and best regards
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