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st: new problem with table display

From   "Jennifer S. Earl" <>
Subject   st: new problem with table display
Date   Tue, 30 Oct 2007 10:06:15 -0700

Hi folks,

A couple of months ago I wrote about a display problem that I resolved with a suggestion from this listserv.

As background, I had some variable values that were quite long (9905002006 for example) that were showing up in scientific notation when I did tab <variable> on them. I wanted them to not show up in scientific notation and I wanted to be able to get a frequency table.

A statalister suggested that the problem was not with tab command display, but rather with the format of the variable. So, I changed the format of the variable with:

format <variable> %10.0f

That resolved my problems then (thanks again).

However, the example I gave you above is actually 1-2 digits longer than the example that I posted and had resolved (so I had a 8 or 9 digit length variables before and used %8.0f and %9.0f and that resolved things).

Now that my numbers have gone up a placeholder, adjusting the formatting to %10.0f doesn't work for the tab format. Oddly, with the %10.0f formatting, I can list without values without scientific notation, but if I do tab, it goes into scientific notation.

In case I was wrong on the formatting, I also tried %11.0f and that did not work either.

Any ideas?



Jennifer Earl
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University of California, Santa Barbara
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