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st: Infile errors

From   "Wallace, John" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Infile errors
Date   Fri, 26 Oct 2007 14:27:10 -0700

Hello statalisters
I have a class of text files that I would like to use as a data source.
I used -type- to verify that the data is ascii.  The majority of the
file is 5 columns of tab-delimited, numerical text.  A single row
immediately before the data has single-word, tab-delimited header
information for the 5 columns, but I'm happy ignoring them if necessary.
Preceeding the header line are 23 lines of text that I don't care about.
No tab characters occur in those 23 lines however.

-insheet- is confused by the 23 lines, and imports them as string
records for variable v1 - it creates string variables v2-v5 which has
the 2nd through 5th columns of data, beginning at line 25.

-infile- would seem to be the appropriate command:

.. infile a b c d e in 25/1325 using source.txt

but this doesn't work exactly right.  It places the data from line 27
column 3 in a[1], which causes a registration shift in the dataset (and
the omission of the first 3 lines of data altogether).  Explicitly:

---begin source.txt line 25---
  0<T>  0<T>379.0<T>76.8<T> 64
  1<T>  0<T>54.0<T>14.9<T> 64
  2<T>  0<T>28.0<T>5.1<T> 64
  3<T>  0<T>24.0<T>2.9<T> 64
  4<T>  0<T>22.0<T>2.7<T> 64
  5<T>  0<T>24.0<T>2.9<T> 64
  6<T>  0<T>27.0<T>2.8<T> 64
  7<T>  0<T>25.0<T>2.7<T> 64
---end source.txt line 32--- imported as
     |    a     b    c    d   e |
  1. |   28   5.1   64    3   0 |
  2. |   24   2.9   64    4   0 |
  3. |   22   2.7   64    5   0 |
  4. |   24   2.9   64    6   0 |
  5. |   27   2.8   64    7   0 |

Is there another way?  Infile with a dictionary seems like the next
step(?), but I'd like to know why specifying the record range with "in
25/1325" didn't work.

Thanks for any help

John Wallace


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