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st: graph added text behaving strangely

From   "Dan Weitzenfeld" <>
Subject   st: graph added text behaving strangely
Date   Fri, 26 Oct 2007 12:08:56 -0700

I'm adding text to a horizontal bar graph.  I know that the x range is
[0, 100] and that "in a horizontal bar chart, the numerical axis is
still called the y axis and the categorical axis is still called the x
axis" (help graph bar - I read my manuals).
So, to get familiar with how this works, I added the following to a
horizontal bar graph command:

text( 50 25 "50_25"  50 50 "50_50" 50 59 "50_59")

Can someone explain why these three notes were in a triangle and not a
straight line?  I varied only the x coordinate!  Yet the last note,
"50_59", was to the right of "50_50," rather than above it where I
expected it to be...

Thanks in advance,
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