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Re: re: st: genhw error

From   n j cox <>
Subject   Re: re: st: genhw error
Date   Tue, 23 Oct 2007 20:08:29 +0100

Tony and David's experiences can be reconciled. Tony is
using an old -genhw-. It is expecting three numbers,
the frequencies of different phenotypes [? I'm a geographer],
and is only given two, and it chokes on a comma where
it expects to see a number. This is because Tony's data
is 4 AA, 2 AG -- and, importantly, 0 GG, except that last
frequency is not being passed to -genhwi-. Evidently this was
an old bug in -genhw- that was caught and fixed. Thus
Tony should update by using -findit- to find the latest
version on Mario Cleves' website.


David Airey

I am not seeing the same problem with genhw. I'm Stata MP OS X.

. which genhw
/Users/dairey/Library/Application Support/Stata/ado/plus/g/genhw.ado
*! version 7.0.0  14mar2005

Tony Black

I am having difficulty with the "genhw" command
With this simple dataset:

allele1	allele2
A		A
A		G
A		A
A		G
A		A
A		A

I issue the following command:

. genhw   allele1 allele2

and get this result (in red)

',' found where integer expected

I set trace on and it seems to be blowing up in "genhwi" -- here is a snip
from the trace file

  - genhwi `vars', `labopt' `binvar'
  = genhwi 4  2, label(AA  AG)

------------------- begin genhwi ---
    - version 6
    - qui {
    - gettoken AA 0 : 0, parse(" ,")
    - gettoken Aa 0 : 0, parse(" ,")
    - gettoken aa 0 : 0, parse(" ,")
    - confirm integer number `AA'
    = confirm integer number 4
    - confirm integer number `Aa'
    = confirm integer number 2
    - confirm integer number `aa'
    = confirm integer number ,
',' found where integer expected

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