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Re: st: Before and After Pairwise Plots

From   C Rose <>
Subject   Re: st: Before and After Pairwise Plots
Date   Fri, 19 Oct 2007 17:55:50 +0100

I haven't got a clear picture of what you want
to do, but my guess is that it has been
programmed already. Install these programs:

. ssc inst parplot
. ssc inst pairplot
. ssc inst linkplot
Thanks Nick, they look like what I'm after.


I'd like to know how to produce a plot that shows how a dependent
variable, measured for a number of individuals, changes after an
intervention. I have managed to find an FAQ on the topic for older
versions of Stata, which explains the situation quite clearly (please
see, as does
the referenced paper. I'm using Stata/IC v10.

It seems the "twoway pcspike" command is appropriate, but I have two
questions about this:

1. This requires one to have data in the form y1 x1 y2 x2. I have two
variables: the dependent variable, Y, and a categorical variable that
indicates whether the corresponding entry in Y was measured pre- or
post-intervention. How can I (easily!) convert my data into the y1 x1
y2 x2 form? (It would be nice if this were to generalise to the case
where I have measurements on Y at more than two time points.)

2. How do I get "twoway pcspike" to place the correct categorical
label on the x-axis, rather than the values I used in x1 and x2? I
can edit the text manually in the graph window, but found that my
text ran off the edge of the display.

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