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Re: st: Integrating Graphs and Output into single file

From   "David Elliott" <>
Subject   Re: st: Integrating Graphs and Output into single file
Date   Fri, 19 Oct 2007 12:09:37 -0300

I have created a two-step process for creating graphical logs based on
log2html by Baum, Cox & Rising.

The approach I took was to create a prefix "wrapper" command  called
gr2log that is used like -gr2log: graph command- and handles automatic
naming and saving the graph in bitmap format.

I then modified log2html to create grlog2html which created <img
src="graph#n" /> markup to embed the graphs in the html log.

I haven't taken the time to do the exhaustive testing needed before
committing this to Statalist, but if you are interested, I can be
contacted outside the list and would be happy to provide you a zip of
the 2 ados and help files for testing purposes.

One can import the html file into a wordprocessor and the graphs are
imported as well, saving one of more tedious steps in automating
capture of graphical output from Stata.

DC Elliott
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