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st: STATA10SE : weird problem with Boxplots

From   Diego Bellavia <>
To   STATAlist <>
Subject   st: STATA10SE : weird problem with Boxplots
Date   Fri, 19 Oct 2007 02:03:42 +0000 (GMT)

Dear statalisters, 

I am writing here to ask about a really weird problem I am having 
with graph box (or hbox) command in STATA 10 SE. 
I updated the machine this morning from STATA 9.2 adding also Stat transfer 9. 
Essentially I have the same problem as discussed a couple weeks ago 
just here: all the graph commands work fine except graph box; when I try it 
I got some weird messages all concerning r111 issue: 

variable _box_sort not found

is the most frequent but not the only one. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling STATA, 
without updates, and then with updates (running update swap command at the end)
but nothing changed. 
My update query command reports: 

Stata executable
    folder:               C:\Program Files\Stata10\
    name of file:         wsestata.exe
    currently installed:  15 Oct 2007
    latest available:     15 Oct 2007
Ado-file updates
    folder:               C:\Program Files\Stata10\ado\updates\
    names of files:       (various)
    currently installed:  15 Oct 2007
    latest available:     15 Oct 2007
    Do nothing; all files up to date.

I tried also to run the same dataset in STATA 9.1 (different comp) and graph box command works 
just fine there.

Warm or cold restarting did not change anything. 
I googled but, except here, the problem looks not existing for anyone.

I am going crazy, any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. 


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