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st: matrix operation not found

From   "Gao Liu" <>
Subject   st: matrix operation not found
Date   Tue, 9 Oct 2007 13:46:15 -0400

Hi, Statalist:

I tried to join by columns  some matrix stored from previous tabstat
results using the following codes:

forval svc_year=2003/2006 {
                 forval svc_month=1/12 {

                           foreach column in "en_clm_pay_amt pay_amt age" {

(`svc_year'!=2003|`svc_month'!=1) {

`column'=(`column', `column'_`svc_year'_`svc_month')





where `column' and `column'_`svc_year'_`svc_month' are matrix and have
been given a value earlier.  But when running, an error message pops
up, indicating that " matrix operation not found, r(501); ". Can
anybody tell me what is the wrong with the code ?

Thank you

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