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st: Dialogs setvalue and tab switching

From   "Sergiy Radyakin" <>
To   "" <>
Subject   st: Dialogs setvalue and tab switching
Date   Sun, 26 Aug 2007 22:13:01 -0400

Hello Statalisters,

1. I have a dialog with a combobox (COMBOBOX control) and a label
(TEXT control). I would like to set the label to be equal to some text
and the value of the combobox. To do this I handle onselchange()

PROGRAM Combo_changed
  put  `".my_dlg.main.tx_key.setlabel "My string "' main.cb_box1 `"""'
  stata hidden

I wonder if I can achieve the same result without having to call Stata
from my dialog.
If I write:

PROGRAM Combo_changed
  call main.tx_key.setlabel main.cb_box1

the label becomes "main.cb_box1" (e.g. it is not evaluated). However,
the same expression is evaluated in the -put- statement. I wonder if
it was possible to manipulate the values of controls in the dialogs

2. Working on a computer without a mouse recently I noticed that
Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDn combinations, which switch the tabs of a
dialog, do not work in Stata (versions 8, 9 and 10 for Windows). Can
this be fixed? Is there any other shortcut to switch tabs?

3. Regarding tabs. There seems to be a differential behaviour between
the versions of Stata. At least in version 8 (Windows) focused
controls were highlighted (with a dotted line). Already in version 9
(Windows) it disappeared (though I guess it was retained in v9 some
time ago). Thus having 10 checkboxes on a form makes it difficult to
realize which one is active (again, no mouse). Can this highlighting
feature be controlled somehow? E.g. version control/dialog
directive/scheme, etc. Does XP Scheme has anything to do with it?

And how is tab-ordering of controls organized? (e.g. in the same
sequence the controls are defined in the file, or top-to-bottom/ then
left-to-right, or something else?)

Thank you, Sergiy Radyakin
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