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st: Missing x-axis labels when using graph twoway

From   "Garth Rauscher" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Missing x-axis labels when using graph twoway
Date   Thu, 16 Aug 2007 11:21:36 -0500

I have two probably simple questions about graphing in Stata. #1 involves
getting value labels to appear on the x axis. #2 involves sorting the graph
on a variable other than the x-axis variable.

I have a dataset where each observation contains a string variable
("study_") and a point estimate and lower and upper confidence limits
associated with a single study. I want to plot these estimates and
confidence intervals, with magnitude of each estimate on the y-axis and
study information on the x axis. Apparently string variables are not allowed
with graph twoway, so I encoded a numeric variable (named study) from the
original string variable (named study_), containing the original strings as
value labels.

encode study_, generate(study)

This appears to have worked just as expected:

groups study study_ 

                     study                         study _          Freq.
Percent |
  |         BROWN (1992) WOM(0.2)           BROWN (1992) WOM(0.2)       1
5.26 |
  |        CAPLAN (2003) TOTAL(2)          CAPLAN (2003) TOTAL(2)       2
10.53 |
  |        DEGNAN (1992) TOTAL(2)          DEGNAN (1992) TOTAL(2)       1
5.26 |

groups study study_, nolabel

    study                 study _           Freq.   Percent |
  |     1           BROWN (1992) WOM(0.2)       1      5.26 |
  |     2          CAPLAN (2003) TOTAL(2)       2     10.53 |
  |     3          DEGNAN (1992) TOTAL(2)       1      5.26 |

However, when I go to graph these estimates using the numeric variable
study, the value labels for study do not appear on the x-axis.

scatter _se study || rcap hi_se lo_se study 

#2 I'd like to sort the graph in order of ascending standard error of the


sort _se
scatter _se study || rcap hi_se lo_se study 


scatter _se study, sort(_se) || rcap hi_se lo_se study 


scatter _se study, sort(_se) || rcap hi_se lo_se study, sort(_se)

Will work.

Thanks in advance for help with these simple questions.

Garth Rauscher
Assistant Professor
SPH Epidemiology and Biostatistics
University of Illinois at Chicago
1603 W Taylor St (M/C/ 923)
Chicago, IL 60612
(312) 413-4317 phone
(312) 996-0064 fax <>  email 

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