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st: 'Meta' and 'Metareg' Coefficients & CIs Differ

From   "Tiffany Davenport" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: 'Meta' and 'Metareg' Coefficients & CIs Differ
Date   Mon, 23 Jul 2007 17:49:58 -0400

I am using the 'meta' and 'metareg' commands for meta-analysis in Stata.  As
I understand it (and as previously posted) the pooled random effects
estimate obtained by using the 'meta' command should be the same as the
constant obtained in meta-regression analysis ('metareg') of a model with no
covariates.  I am finding that the values of these estimates as well as
their confidence intervals differ slightly.  I have entered the following

"meta beta SE" - for the meta command and  

"metareg beta, wsse(SE)" for the meta-regression command

1. Shouldn't the pooled random effects estimate from 'meta' be the same as
the coefficient for the constant from 'metareg,' and shouldn't the
confidence intervals be the same?  If not, I would appreciate any insight
into why the two commands would generate different estimates with different
standard errors.  Are they weighted differently?  Are adjustments to the
syntax of either command necessary to ensure the intercepts and confidence
intervals match?

2. Is it possible to display more decimal places in the 'meta' output?  

Thanks very much for any help.

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