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st: eform in ML Display

From   "E. Paul Wileyto" <>
Subject   st: eform in ML Display
Date   Wed, 18 Jul 2007 08:05:10 -0400

So, I have a multi-equation likelihood, and I want to apply eform to all of the equations. Stata, by default, applies it only to the first. The help tells you that there is a way to do it, by changing the value of a scalar e(k_eform) to 3, but they stop short of actually telling you how to create or alter e(k_eform).

Does anyone know how to do this?


Quoting from help:

eform_option: eform(string), eform, hr, irr, or, and rrr display the
coefficient table in exponentiated form: for each coefficient,
exp(b) rather than b is displayed, and standard errors and confidence
intervals are transformed. Display of the intercept, if any, is
suppressed. string is the table header that will be displayed above
the transformed coefficients and must be 11 characters or
shorter--for example, eform("Odds ratio"). The options eform, hr,
irr, or, and rrr provide a default string equivalent to "exp(b)",
"Haz. Ratio", "IRR", "Odds Ratio", and "RRR", respectively. These
options may not be combined.

ml display looks at e(k_eform) to determine how many equations are
affected by an eform_option; by default, only the first equation is

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