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st: Error "too many options" in twoway graph

From   André Jeannin <>
Subject   st: Error "too many options" in twoway graph
Date   Wed, 11 Jul 2007 17:52:44 +0200

Hello list,
I'm using the following code to generate a series of graphs:

levels table , local(mtable)
foreach mt in `mtable' {
          keep if table == `mt'
          local t1 = serie + ". " + titre1
          local t2 = titre2
          local t3 = titre3
          local t4 = titre4
          local t5 = titre5
          twoway (scatter y year , title(,justification(left) size(tiny) ) )
|| lfit y year , ///
                  by(affect1a, subtitle("`t1'" "`t2'" "`t3'" "`t4'" "`t5'"
,justification(left) ) caption("`note'`mt'" , size(tiny))) ///
                  ylabel(, angle(horizontal))

This works fine for most of the values of mt, but for two values I get a
"too many options" error message. These two values would generate only two
graphs on each page (according to affect1a), i.e. fewer than most of the
other pages which are generated without problem. The data used for the
graphs are fine, no missing values, right type, etc.

Thanks for any help.


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