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Re: st: ivreg2

From   Richard Williams <>
Subject   Re: st: ivreg2
Date   Mon, 09 Jul 2007 12:14:24 -0500

At 10:37 AM 7/9/2007, Eric Brunner wrote:
I can run ivreg2 on Stata 9, but on my laptop I have v8.2 and I
get the following error message.

xi:ivreg2 y (x=a b c d),ffirst
option properties() not allowed
(error occurred while loading ivreg2.ado)

n.b. The ivreg2 installation using ssc install did not report an error.
The program includes the lines

program define ivreg2, eclass byable(recall) properties(svyj) sortpreserve
version 8.2

I don't think the "properties" option is legit in Stata 8. I suspect the authors meant to change the version to version 9. There is an ivreg28 on SSC; the description for it says

"ivreg28 is the last version of ivreg2 which runs on Stata 8.2. Stata 9+ users should use ivreg2."

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