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Re: st: Trouble starting Stata 10 SE after successful installation

From   Alan Riley <>
Subject   Re: st: Trouble starting Stata 10 SE after successful installation
Date   Tue, 3 Jul 2007 09:56:08 -0500

Christer Thrane ( is having trouble starting
Stata 10 immediately after installation on a computer running
Windows 2000:

> Having had no problem with starting up Stata 5 through 9 after
> installation, I now get the cryptical message at the bottom of this
> page. I have installed Stata 10 at both the Stata-suggested default
> place and at the default place suggested by my computer. Both give me
> the message below.

Christer translated the message reported as

> The library for dynamic connections gdiplus.dll was not found for
> the suggested path... or something like that

and Christer correctly surmised

> I figure the problem is with the file "gdiplus.dll", which I guess
> Stata seeks for but cannot find???

The problem Christer experienced is easily fixed, and only affects
Windows 2000 computers.  Unaffected are the modern Windows XP,
Windows Server 2003, and Windows Vista.

For instructions on how to install gdiplus.dll by hand, see

Windows 2000 computers sometimes do not have the file gdiplus.dll
installed, and the Stata installer mistakenly did not install it.

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