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st: Trouble starting Stata 10 SE after successful installation

From   Christer Thrane <>
Subject   st: Trouble starting Stata 10 SE after successful installation
Date   Tue, 03 Jul 2007 16:41:00 +0200


Having had no problem with starting up Stata 5 through 9 after installation, I now get the cryptical message at the bottom of this page. I have installed Stata 10 at both the Stata-suggested default place and at the default place suggested by my computer. Both give me the message below.

I figure the problem is with the file "gdiplus.dll", which I guess Stata seeks for but cannot find???

I use Microsoft Windows 2000.

Any help is appriciated.

Christer Thrane

The first line can maybe be translated as:

The library for dynamic connections gdiplus.dll was not found for the suggested path... or something like that

Biblioteket for dynamiske koblinger gdiplus.dll ble ikke funnet i den angitte banen C:\Programfiler\Stata10;.;C:\WINNT\system32;C:\WINNT\system;C:\WINNT;C:\WINNT\system32;C:\WINNT;C:\WINNT\System32\Wbem;C:\WINNT\system32\nls;C:\WINNT\system32\nls\ENGLISH;C:\Programfiler\QuickTime\QTSystem\;"C:\Programfiler\Mplus\".
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