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st: Update to -estout- available from SSC

From   "Ben Jann" <>
To   statalist <>
Subject   st: Update to -estout- available from SSC
Date   Wed, 30 May 2007 10:21:43 +0200

An update to the -estout- package is available from the SSC archive.
There was a silly bug in -esttab- that caused the -fixed- mode to
abort with error. To install the update, type

. ssc install estout, replace

or use the -adoupdate- command.

Note on old -esta- and -esto-: If you updated -estout- using the -ssc-
command, you probably still have copies of the old -esta- and -esto-
(called -esttab- and -eststo- since the May-22 update) on your system.

. which esta
. which esto

to find out. Although I do not suggest that, you can leave them there
if you want - they do not interfere with the new versions. However, I
strongly advice you to not using -esta- and -esto- anymore because
support for these program is discontinued. Use the new versions,
-esttab- and -eststo-. The easiest way to remove -esta- and -esto-
from the system is to type

. adoupdate estout

If you use Stata 8 (and, therefore, do not have access to
-adoupdate-). The easiest way to remove -esta- and -esto- is to
manually erase "esta.ado" and "esto.ado", i.e. type

. findfile esta.ado
. erase "`r(fn)'"
. findfile esto.ado
. erase "`r(fn)'"

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