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Re: st: Segmenting a dataset

From   "Gabi Huiber" <>
Subject   Re: st: Segmenting a dataset
Date   Thu, 17 May 2007 16:04:50 -0400

This will produce a smaller data set consisting of the medians by
group of 30 in the original dataset

tempfile medians
local myvars "var1-var10"
gen id=_n
gen group=int((id-1)/30)
forvalues i=1/10 {
local j: word `i' of `myvars'
egen median`j'=median(`j'), by(group)
keep group median*
egen u=tag(_all)
keep if u==1
save "`medians'", replace

On 5/17/07, Morrison Hodges <> wrote:
I have a dataset of 10 variables and 5000 observations. I need to calculate
the median of each variable in groups of 30 observations, i.e., the median
of each variable in observations 1-30, then the median for 31-60, then
61-90, etc. I know I can get the median from the p50 value of -summarize-,
but I'm not sure how to obtain consecutive segments of 30 observations each
to perform -summarize- on. Can anyone help?
Thanks, Morry Hodges

Morrison Hodges, MD
Professor Emeritus of Medicine
University of Minnesota

Senior Investigator
Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation

612-863-2490 (fax)
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George Bernard Shaw

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