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From   <>
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Subject   st: R: STCOMPET
Date   Tue, 8 May 2007 15:12:14 +0200

I am using the program stcompet from Enzo Coviello, which I find
extremely useful. However, I am interested to calculate the confidence
intervals for the event of interest and for each competing event
separately. Does anyone know how to do that?

Thanks Peter for using -stcompet-. 
I believe that your question is addressed in the SJ paper where -stcompet- is presented.
The example is:
use prostatecancer, clear

stset time, f(status==1)

stcompet CI = ci hilim = hi lowlim = lo, compet1(2) compet2(3) by(treatment)

Three new variables have been created: CI, hilim, and lowlim for the cumulative incidence and its high and low confidence bound. The estimates relating to a specific event are recorded at each time when this failure type occurs ..., two new variables are then generated to distinguish the estimates between treatment arms:

 gen CI_tr = CI if treat

label var CI_tr "Treated"

gen CI_untr = CI if !treat

label var CI_untr "Untreated"

gen hi_tr = hilim if treat

gen hi_untr = hilim if !treat

gen lo_tr = lowlim if treat

gen lo_untr = lowlim if !treat


And for each event:

gen hi_tr_ev1 = hilim if treat & status==1  // hi_limits for treated and event of interest

gen hi_untr = hilim if !treat & status==1  // untreated

gen hi_tr_ev1 = hilim if treat & status==2  // hi_limits for treated and competing event type 2

gen hi_untr = hilim if !treat & status==2  // untreated


and so on.

If you have some further questions I can send privately the do file working the example described in the paper.

Best wishes





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