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Re: st: absolute excess risks - test for trend

From   "Neil Shephard" <>
Subject   Re: st: absolute excess risks - test for trend
Date   Wed, 2 May 2007 13:39:47 +0100

On 5/2/07, raoul reulen <> wrote:

I have calculated absolute excess risks of death in a cohort of people
with cancer by calculating the observed (O) and expected (E) deaths
,and using the formulae:

AER = ((O-E)/person-years) * 10,000

This gives me the excess risk per year per 10,000 persons. I have done
this for various age groups and would like to use a test for trend to
see whether there is a significant increase in the risk. How do I do
this in STATA? I probably should use an additive model, but where can
I find more information? Hope this is clear.
-findit trend test- points to a few potentially useful programs such
as -nptrend- and -epitab-, but these work on raw data as opposed to
the summary AER by age group that you have calculated.  The two FAQ's
returned may be of use, as may some of the other hits in the Stata
Journal and SSC.

BTW, from the Statalist FAQ

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Stata is an invented word, not an acronym, and should not appear with
all letters capitalized: please write 'Stata', not 'STATA'."

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