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st: extract data points from series

From   "d.cyril" <>
To   Statalist <>
Subject   st: extract data points from series
Date   Sat, 24 Mar 2007 14:15:25 +0000


I've been using Stata for some time now but still don't find myself
native when it comes to data manipulation. Wonder if you could affirm
the method I used and suggest possible extension.

Consider, you have few time-series - with var year [1970m01-2007m01]
(%tm) - and you want to plot a basic tsline (read twoway connected)
with markers. Because there are so many observations in the data set,
the plot doesn't look adequate. Since, short-term dynamics don't
matter too much I decided to take first month observation for each
year using:

. tsset year
. gen tmp1 = string(year)
. gen tmp2 = real(tmp1)
. gen tmp3 = tmp2 if (int(tmp2/12)==tmp2/12)
. twoway (connected xxx year, msymbol(O)) if tmp3 !=.
. format tmp3 %tm

It works alright but would it be the best way of doing it? Since it
clearly only works for the 1st month of each year, another question
begs to be answered - how would you perform the same task with
quarterly/half-year data points to increase precision?

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