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Re: st: drop question

From   "Sergio Correia" <>
Subject   Re: st: drop question
Date   Thu, 8 Mar 2007 18:39:05 -0500

This answer is not "elegant" but it works:

gen dropthis = (class[_n+1]>0 | class[_n]>0 | class[_n-1]>0 | class[_n-2]>0)
drop if dropthis

Of course, you can put all that in one line.

Other options might make use of time-series operator but I don't want
to mess up any tsset you may have specified.



On 3/8/07, Morrison Hodges <> wrote:
I want to drop row x-1, x, x+1 and x+2 if the variable 'class' on row x is >
0. It doesn't matter if class is > 0 on rows x+1 and x+2. How can I do this?

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