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st: logit w/interaction of 2 variables

From   "Sarah Strauss" <>
Subject   st: logit w/interaction of 2 variables
Date   Thu, 08 Mar 2007 18:44:54 +0000

I'm trying to put together a logit model (using survey data) that inlcudes the following:
dichotomous indicator of suicide attempts and an interaction term for sexuality (0/1)* school environment (continuous) and several control variables. In particular, I want to be able to test for differences in the probabillity of suicide attempt at 3 different values for school environment and to get predicted probabilities.

I'm fine with putting the initial model into Stata form: [note: I'm using version 8 and this is a simplified model]

xi: svylogit suicideattempt i.sexuality*environment female SES

then, to get odds ratios, i run

svylogit, or

then, I want to get a predicted probability for 3 possible values of "environment", so I generate the following 3 versions of environment ("envlow"=1 standard deviation below the mean for "environment", "envmean"--at the mean, and "envhigh"--1 standard deviation above the mean)

can anyone tell me how to go once I've generated these variables?
thanks a lot

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