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st: Simultaneous Tobit Models

From   "Sanzidur Rahman" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Simultaneous Tobit Models
Date   Mon, 5 Mar 2007 15:52:51 -0000

Dear all:
I send this request earlier. This time I am sending the request again with a bit more clarification. I am planning to analyze the impact of technical change in agriculture (e.g., share of modern rice technology) on factor markets: land, labour, credit, fertilizer, pesticide, seed, and irrigation. Since a single farmer will not participate in all these markets, some will have zero values for any of these markets. Therefore, I would like to run these 7 Tobit Models as a system (as one does in SURE). But I am not familiar with writing any user-defined programs in STATA. Can anyone provide me with a program code that I can use and modify to apply to my case? The reason I would like to run this model as a system as opposed to single equation tobit because, ideally, this Green Revolution technology comes in as a package.
Best wishes.

Dr. Sanzidur Rahman
Senior Lecturer in Rural Development
Room 103, 7 Kirkby Place
School of Geography
University of Plymouth
Drake Circus
Plymouth PL4 8AA
United Kingdom
tel: +44(0)1752 238411
fax: +44(0)1752 233054

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