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st: SPMAP: interpreting class breaks / adding state outlines

From   Julie Susan Darnell <>
Subject   st: SPMAP: interpreting class breaks / adding state outlines
Date   Sat, 3 Mar 2007 20:53:09 -0600 (CST)

With enormous thanks to Scott Merryman's suggested syntax, I
have successfully created a map of core-based statistical
areas using spmap.

First, I wish to confirm that I understand how the data are
classified when using the clmethod(custom) option.

# delimit;
spmap numberoffreeclinics if conterminous using "uscoordinates2",
id(id) ndfc(white) fc(Blues) ocolor(gs12 ..) clmethod(custom)
clbreaks (0 1 2 3 4 32)

This produces a legend with:

Should the first group be interpreted to include or exclude 1?
My goal is to produce five groups, with the first group
containing only 0s, the second group containing only 1s, etc.
In other words, I want to distinguish CBSAs with 0, 1, 2, 3,
or 4+ [free clinics].

Second, I also wish to add state outlines, if possible.

The map that is produced uses core-based statistical area
boundaries (CBSAs) from the U.S. Census. Is there a way to
overlay state boundary outlines? This would make it much
easier to identify the location of the CBSAs. At a minimum, is
it possible to add a complete outline of the US?

Thank you very much.

Julie Darnell
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