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RE: st: RE: RE: Stata formulas

From   Richard Williams <>
Subject   RE: st: RE: RE: Stata formulas
Date   Wed, 28 Feb 2007 19:01:57 -0500

At 06:28 PM 2/28/2007, Nick Cox wrote:
Your last comment has already been answered several times
over in this thread. Like it or not, StataCorp has invested
a vast amount in its documentation for sale and wholesale
duplication of the manuals for open access just is not
likely. We can all agree that it would be useful if it
were there, but it is not going to happen. That's my
guess, at least.
A few sample chapters do happen to be online (clogit, mfx, regress, regress postestimation), just in case those luckily are the ones you want (or if you want a sampling to see if it is worth buying the whole thing):

Besides, your argument is contradictory. If StataCorp
is using the same formulas as everybody else, then they
can be found in the open literature.
Quite true. It isn't like Stata has a patent on the formula for logistic regression. Of course hunting all the formulas down could be time-consuming.

For what it is worth, the great Satan does put its algorithms online. When prompted for username and password, enter "guest" in both places.

I imagine Stata is often using the same or equivalent formulas. The SPSS stuff may be free, but for me at least, the Stata documentation is infinitely clearer.

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