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st: Legend Text Color

From   "Benjamin Allaire" <>
Subject   st: Legend Text Color
Date   Mon, 26 Feb 2007 19:51:39 -0600

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Hi all -
Had a graphing conundrum.  I am plotting a graph where I basically want the
marker label to serve as the point on the graph.  So, I am basically settin=
the marker symbol to invisible and positioning the label at the 0 clock
position.  This is all fine and dandy, except now the legend has no symbol
to correspond to the marker (because its invisible, right?). What I would
like to do is to change the color in the legend to correspond with the labe=
- which means I would need 3 different colors for the text in the legend.

Here's the command:

(scatter excel grad evol game, mlabel(abb abb abb) mlabv(pos) ms(i i i))
(scatter actual game, msym(o) c(l) lc(ltblue) msize(small) mc(ltblue))
    title("Figure 3: Model Predictive Capacity")
    ytitle("Point Spread")
    note("Note: Points after red line denote out of sample predictions")
    xline(21.5, lp(_) lc(red) )

    yline(0, lc(black))
    legend(span row(1))


Any help would be great!!!!


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