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st: RE: trying local command

From   "Rodrigo Martell" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: trying local command
Date   Mon, 26 Feb 2007 09:58:34 +1100


After you define the macro it can be called by its name, not its content. when you call. For example, you defined local macro truea0 to equal 1, if you want to call it you type in `truea0' not `1'. If you do this Stata tries to look for the contents of a macro called 1, which you haven't defined so it gets all confused. Also, the macro can store strings or pure numbers. Even though the contents of the turea macros will work defined as a string or a number, it's perhaps less confusing to exclude the quotes from the definition. I guess that's a personal choice since it will work both ways so long as you only specify numbers in the strings.

Anyway, here's a revised version of your code. I added in a macro called truea2 to go instead of the third macro you were calling in the -gen- command, which hadn't been defined. The first three lines I added (and commented out) myself to set up a working example.

*set obs 20
*gen x1 = 2
*gen x2 = 3

local truea0=1
local truea1=2
local truea2=3

gen ztreat=`truea0'+`truea1'*x1+`truea2'*x2

I hope this helps.



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[]On Behalf Of Michael
Sent: Monday, 26 February 2007 9:47 AM
Subject: st: trying local command

Hello Statalist members,
I'm working on learning the use of the -local- command. I'd like to 
define a few variables, then manipulate them. I'm experiencing some 
roadblocks with defining the terms. For example:

. local truea0="1"
. local truea1="2"
. gen ztreat='1'+'2'*x1+'3'*x2
type mismatch


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