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Re: st: ODBC Performance

From   Kevin Crow <>
Subject   Re: st: ODBC Performance
Date   Fri, 23 Feb 2007 13:26:57 -0600

Currently the only way to improve the speed of reading and writing data to a database is to use Stata plugins instead of ODBC to read and write your data. Point your web browser to the URL below to read an FAQ on our web site about using plugins to connect to databases.


Sebastian F. Büchte wrote:

Dear all,

lately I have been thinking about using a database server/engine for
storing all the data I am working with in Stata. I thought about using
PostgreSQL in combination with the ODBC commands that are offered
Stata. However, eventhough PostgreSQL is fast and my computing
hardware is somewhat of uptodate I am experiencing a very poor
perfomance when using ODBC commands to read data into Stata or to
store data in a database from within Stata.

I am now hoping that maybe some of you have ideas on how to improove
the perfomance.

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