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Re: st: Fixing an -ml model- syntax problem

From   Clive Nicholas <>
Subject   Re: st: Fixing an -ml model- syntax problem
Date   Tue, 20 Feb 2007 23:40:54 +0000 (GMT)

Richard Williams replied:

>(1) If both of these achieved significance here, how on Earth do you 
>decide whether or not to include an interactive term in the model?

None of the analyses presented so far have said anything about 
interaction terms; they've only addressed whether residual variation 
differs across groups, and the answer seems to be no.  If you now 
want to test interaction terms involving race, go ahead; and plain 
old -logit- will probably be adequate for your needs.

Considering the inclusion of an interaction term, such as race in our -union- dataset, naturally follows such estimation, since we're in the business of comparing logit coefficients across groups. I have to say this is an absolute minefield. Thanks for your helpful comments with regards my other follow-up query.

Clive Nicholas

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