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st: Writing z-values to a dataset after metacum

From   sebastian baumeister <>
Subject   st: Writing z-values to a dataset after metacum
Date   Tue, 20 Feb 2007 09:29:09 +0100

Dear Statalist users,

I am running a cumulative meta analysis and I am trying to write the estimates to a dataset. I tried parmest after the metacum command but Stata told me that it could not find any previous estimation command. Any suggestions how I can write the z-values to a Stata dataset?

 metacum logrr selogrr if year<1995, effect(r) eform  id(trnamyr)

Cumulative random-effects meta-analysis of 2 studies (exponential form)

           Cumulative       95% CI
Trial        estimate    Lower  Upper         z  P value
4S(1994)        0.712    0.594  0.853    -3.691    0.000
MAAS(1994)      0.632    0.379  1.056    -1.752    0.080

end of do-file

 do "C:\DOKUME~1\bau\LOKALE~1\Temp\STD00000000.tmp"

 parmest,format(estimate min95 max95 %8.2f p %8.1e) list(,)
last estimates not found


Sebastian Baumeister

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