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Re: st: random subsample - sample weights

From   "Ari Friedman" <>
To   <>
Subject   Re: st: random subsample - sample weights
Date   Fri, 16 Feb 2007 14:14:40 -0500

The answer very much depends on what mapping software you're using.  ArcGIS
is pretty standard.  Amusingly (given its cost), it doesn't like .csv files
with longish variable names.  Keep your outsheet commands simple (under
eight characters, not starting with numbers) and you will have far fewer
headaches.  Obviously the usual caveats about merging ("joining" in Arc
parlance) apply...match on codes not on names, etc.  For large-scale
geography, ESRI, the makers of ArcGIS, put out a series of CDs updated
annually with very high-quality maps.  Cities you may have to do some
digging to find a well-done map.
DBFs may be more convenient, but have other quirks on Arc import IIRC.
If you're doing geostatistical analysis, check out the open-source GeoDa.  R
(also open-source) also has some pretty good geostatistical routines, but
I've found GeoDa to be more intuitive for such a purpose.


Quoting Allen Glicksman <>:

> I have a great deal of data at the zip code and census tract level for 
> the City/County of Philadelphia.  I analyze the data using Stata and 
> would like to export it to a mapping program so that I display results 
> on a map of the city.  I am not asking about exporting Stata files 
> directly to mapping software because I have been told that no such 
> possibility exists.  But I am interested in people's experiences with 
> such software.  If you wish, please reply off line to me personally at 
> if this is not an appropriate question for the 
> list.  Thank you, Allen Glicksman
> Allen Glicksman, Ph.D.
> Director of Research and Evaluation
> Philadelphia Corporation for Aging
> 642 North Broad Street
> Philadelphia, PA 19130-3409
> Voice: 215.765.9000, ex. 5063
> Fax: 215.765.9066
> E-mail:

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