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st: files left open by commands

From   "Hofer-Kivelson.Ann-Arbor" <>
Subject   st: files left open by commands
Date   Fri, 16 Feb 2007 11:18:33 -0500

This may be a tabout  issue(a v. useful program for me) but it seems
like it may have broader issues for programing with MATA.

Every now and then when I am building a tabout command and it chokes
on something it will leave a file open (see below)

Then oddly, I can't get it closed without rebooting my computer.
The clear command, or even closing and reopening stata doesn't work
If I close stata and try to delete tables2.txt, windows will not let me.
I can't see any stata related process left active in the process list

The general interest questions would be:
1/  Is there a mata command that would close all the open files that
might be left around?

2/  Is there a programming practice that would avoid leaving a file
open in such an inconvenient way?
. tabout `ptdem' using tables2.txt,replace  `options'

File tables2.txt
is already open inside another application.
Please close it before running tabout.
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