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Re: st: ranksum

From   "Quang Nguyen" <>
Subject   Re: st: ranksum
Date   Mon, 12 Feb 2007 15:16:07 -1000

Hi Peggy,

Can you double check the _randgrp_ variable and make sure that it
contains only "number" for all observations. If it contained
characters in some observations, you can use the _encode_ instead of

Have A Great Day!

On 2/12/07, P chrisman <> wrote:
Hi List,

I am having difficulty using ranksum. The code I used is ranksum
livbirth, by(randgrp). I also tried

destring numpreg livbirth, generate(numpreg2 livbirth2)
numpreg already numeric; no generate
livbirth already numeric; no generate

. destring randgrp, generate(randgrp2)
randgrp contains non-numeric characters; no generate

Perhaps the solution to my problem is apparent, but I am not skilled
enough with Stata to see it. Any help is appreciated.
Thank you,

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